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Macrotia Versus Ear Pinning

So what is the difference between macrotia ear reduction surgery and traditional otoplasty ear pinning? It is worth differentiating between these two procedures as many macrotia patients consult with me with the notion they need to have their ears pinned back. Scapha Reduction Surgery Macrotia surgery is targeted at reducing the size of the scapha. Learn more about the scapha by reading here. This may or may not bring the top of the ear in... Continue Reading
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What Is Macrotia?

Macrotia can be simply defined as an ear that is excessively large in size. By direct measurement, the vertical height of the normal ear is 60-65 millimeters in the adult patient. Another method of assessing overall size is comparing the ratio of width to height. Normally, this ratio should be 50-55%. Whenever either of these two measurements is beyond the normal range, the ear can appear excessively large - and be a source of concern... Continue Reading
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Earlobe Reduction

So how often does Dr. Hilinski perform earlobe reduction at the same time as scapha ear reduction surgery? The answer is - more and more. Over the past year, Dr. Hilinski - the world's authority when it comes to making ears smaller in size - has been seeing increasing numbers of patients who are asking to have their earlobes reduced in size as part of their surgery. Attached here is a great example. This patient... Continue Reading

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