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Cosmetic Ear Reduction Expert

Did you know that most of Dr. Hilinski’s cosmetic ear reduction surgery patients travel long distance to get their ears made smaller in size?

Although Dr. Hilinski certainly operates on patients in the greater San Diego area who have ears that are just too big in size, most of his clientele travel from out of state to get their new, smaller, designer ears made by him.

Much of this has to do with the fact that Dr. Hilinski has developed an international reputation as one of the very, very few board certified plastic surgeons who has expertise in making big ears smaller in size. Need otoplasty or ear pinning? Lots of plastic surgeons do this regularly – including Dr. Hilinski. But if you have large ears that need to be made a more normal size, he is one of the only plastic surgeons out there who will show you such an extensive gallery displaying beautiful before and after photos of actual ear reduction surgery. That is because he is one of the only ones out there who does ear reduction surgery on a regular basis!

This patient shown above flew from Florida to have Dr. Hilinski perform his ear reduction surgery. The after photo shown below is in different lighting because it was a screenshot taken during one of his telehealth visits from afar. But even despite the difference in lighting you can readily appreciate how much smaller his ears are now following macrotia surgery with Dr. Hilinski.


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