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Five stars are not enough, if I could give a million, I would. I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. You would think it is easy to find a reputable board certified plastic surgeon to give you exactly what you want, think again. I had macroctia (large ears) and I was so embarrassed of them all my life I never ever tied up my hair in public. I would have anxiety when people asked to see my earrings that I ended up taking them off completely. I needed an ear reduction and I knew this procedure would involved making an incision on the outside of the ears that could potentially leave a very large noticeable scar. I was so desperate at that point, I did not care. I expected it. I contacted every ear surgeons in my local area, some never heard of it and only one perform this kind of procedure. He was all talk when we corresponded through emails so I scheduled a consultation with him. I asked if he could reduced my ears to a normal height, he said no. I asked if he could reduced my conchal bowl, he said there’s nothing he can do about it. Every question I asked was a let down. He went on to say my ears fit my appearance and when he looked at me, my ears were not the first thing he would notice. Then he started making comments about monkeys, how they have large ears and that they can hear better in the jungle. Really? I am not a monkey and I do not live in the jungle. What he was basically telling me was he is not that good of a surgeon and that if there is no difference after surgery, I should expect it because he told me so. I saw right through him. No thank you!

I almost lost all hope. Then I found Dr. Hilinski in San Diego after I read many great reviews about his absolute dedications to his clients and the wonderful miracles he performed. I looked at his before and after photos and I was in complete awe with all the amazing results. His work really speaks for itself. I was browsing through when someone asked about ear reductions and Dr. Hilinski responded that he perform this type of surgery. The feeling I had finding Dr. Hilinksi was like finding a pot of gold. I immediately scheduled a Skype consultation with Dr. Hilinski, he went through the procedure and how it would be performed and warned me about scarring. Every question I asked was answered directly. I was so nervous because of the many failed attempts with other surgeons, but at that moment I knew Dr. Hilinski was my doctor. Next thing I knew, I was driving over 300 miles to have my surgery. His staffs are amazingly wonderful and sweet. The office is very cozy and comfortable. I was a nervous wreck because I cannot believed I was finally having it done after years of suffering from anxiety. During the procedure, everyone at the operating room made sure I was completely relaxed and comfortable. We listened to music and we had conversations the whole entire time and that made me forget I was being operated on. I stayed in San Diego for five days because I needed to change the bandage and had post surgery follow ups. I had a pretty hard time recovering because this was not a simple procedure. Dr. Hilinski literally took out my entire ears, shrunk it, and placed it back to my head. But the pain was simply controlled with medication. You would think with the amount of work that was done on my ears you would see a huge scar, not even close. I could hardly tell anything was done let alone anyone else. What Dr. Hilinski did to my ears exceeded my expectations. He has the hands of God. I will never ever let any other surgeon touch me, Dr. Hilinski is the only doctor I have 110% trust in. I will never find a more down to earth, sweet, caring, and talented doctor. Thank you Dr. Hilinski for changing my life!

I have been going back to Dr. Hilinski for follow ups every three months now. I see it as a mini vacation where I can enjoy beautiful San Diego and sit in hotel rooms and indulge in delicious food while watching television. Do yourself a favor if you plan on having any type of procedure done, do a lot of homework and research. Do not go to a plastic surgeon because of convenience even if the price is right because the outcome will cost you more than you can imagine. Thank you for taking your time to read my experiences.


I underwent Dr. Hilinski’s ear reduction procedure. Before this procedure I was really self conscious about the size of my ears as I had never seen anyone else with the size of ears that I had; I would constantly cover my ears with long haircuts, but one day I decided that I was tired of hiding my ears with long hairstyle and came across Dr. Hilinski’s practice. I got to admit that at first I had my doubt as he was the only one in my area that specialized in such a practice, however, my doubts were put to rest when I saw the before and after results of his many happy patients. After my procedure I was extremely pleased with the end result – even with current bruising my ears look significantly smaller and now I don’t have to be afraid to try short haircuts. Its definitely a life changer for sure, now I can definitely be more confident in social situations.


I started doing research for ear surgery about 20 years ago. I had a consultation with a surgeon and she recommended otoplasty, but I knew that’s not what I wanted. When I asked about making my ears SMALLER, she said it wasn’t possible. I lost hope and shelved the idea until last year when I started researching again, and after 20 years, and I happened upon Dr. Hilinski’s practice. I was amazed at what I saw. Not just otoplasty, but macrotia surgery to reduce the size of ears. I looked at his gallery and my mouth dropped. Where has Dr. Hilinski been my whole life?

Fast forward to the day of surgery, you wouldn’t have even known I was having surgery. Dr. Hilinski, Andrew and I listened to country music, chatted and laughed the whole time and I just had such a wonderful, fun experience. I felt comfortable and knew I was in great hands. Everything was explained in depth, from the initial consultation, to the pre-op, during surgery and even after. No question or concern went unanswered. His entire staff, Nicole, Ariana, and Andrew are just wonderful.

Today I had my post surgery appointment and after Dr. Hilinski removed the bandages, I cried tears of happiness. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My hair was up, and even though my ears were moderately swollen and bruised, I could see beyond that and that my ears were beautiful! I am so happy with the results, it’s an understatement. For the remainder of the day I couldn’t stop staring at my ears. I kept thinking, “So THIS is what it’s like to have normal sized ears…”
My new, “designer ears” will go perfectly with my designer shoes, ha! I can’t wait to fully heal so I can experiment with all sorts of updos, something I’ve never been able to do, but have always dreamed of.
Dr. Hilinski has changed my whole life and it’s only 3 days post-op. It was like waking up on Christmas morning, and what I imagine Cinderella felt like after the proverbial Bippity Boppity Boo… Only at the stroke of midnight my ears will still be fabulous.

I’m eternally grateful to Dr. Hilinski for working his magic as well as to his entire staff who are just SO pleasant and put up with my million plus questions. I’ve waited my whole life for this.. THANK YOU Dr. Hilinski for not only making it possible, but for making my dreams come true.


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