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Earlobe Reduction

So how often does Dr. Hilinski perform earlobe reduction at the same time as scapha ear reduction surgery? The answer is – more and more. Over the past year, Dr. Hilinski – the world’s authority when it comes to making ears smaller in size – has been seeing increasing numbers of patients who are asking to have their earlobes reduced in size as part of their surgery. Attached here is a great example. This patient – like many of our patients – flew to San Diego from Texas to have Dr. Hilinski perform her surgery. She found our office online – searching for plastic surgeons who know how to make an ear smaller in size. Dr. Hilinski ended up reducing the top half of her ear – classic macrotia ear reduction – but also performed reduction of the earlobe. The photo shown here on the right side is only one week out from her surgery – so you can still see some residual bruising and swelling. Even with that, she looks publicly presentable at this point in the recovery. If you look closely at her earlobe, you can appreciate how this added procedure contributes to her overall surgical result. Whereas her earlobe was somewhat dependent, or hanging down, prior to surgery – Dr. Hilinski shortened the vertical height of the earlobe to make it smaller in size. Could she have left it alone and just done the macrotia scapha reduction? Certainly. But in order to get everything out of her surgery, Dr. Hilinski recommended earlobe reduction to be done concurrenty.

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