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RealSelf Testimonial

Happy patient, happy surgeon!

We are so honored to be part of these patients’ lives as they navigate the decision to undergo surgery to make their ears smaller in size.

So many patients, maybe like yourself, are hesitant and full of worry. Will my new smaller ears look natural? Will the new size of my ear be appropriate and proportional? How will the scars look after macrotia surgery?

Well it helps a ton to hear from patients who actually had ear reduction surgery with Dr. Hilinski. Posted here are comments that you can read for yourself, which were formally posted on RealSelf in 2017. But the bottom line is that this patient is pretty darn happy with their smaller ears after macrotia surgery. In fact, this patient thinks their ears now look perfect!!

There is no arguing with statements like this when it comes to deciding whether or not to have ear reduction surgery. And if you choose to go down this path, Dr. Hilinski is the only plastic surgeon you should even consider.

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