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Photo Gallery of Ear Reduction

Want to see the world's largest online gallery of photo examples showing beautiful ear reduction surgery results? Take a look here at one of our recent Instagram posts highlighting just this!!
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San Diego Big Ear Correction

In an effort to help out all those patients with big ears, Dr. Hilinski is slowly making more and more progress toward a better understanding of ear pinning versus ear reduction surgery. Ear Pinning or Otoplasty Ear pinning is also known as otoplasty. It is been around a long time and is probably the most well-known or popular cosmetic ear procedures. Otoplasty is intended to help patients whose ears stick out too far. They may... Continue Reading
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Cosmetic Ear Reduction Expert

Did you know that most of Dr. Hilinski's cosmetic ear reduction surgery patients travel long distance to get their ears made smaller in size? Although Dr. Hilinski certainly operates on patients in the greater San Diego area who have ears that are just too big in size, most of his clientele travel from out of state to get their new, smaller, designer ears made by him. Much of this has to do with the fact... Continue Reading
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Pinning Effect with Ear Reduction

One issue that commonly arises when consulting with macrotia ear reduction surgery patients is whether or not the ear will be brought in closer to the side of the head. In short, the answer is - yes. When I perform cosmetic ear reduction surgery to make an ear smaller from top to bottom, the top one 1/3 to 1/2 of the ear will usually be repositioned at the same time it is resized. This typically... Continue Reading
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Patient Testimonial by Manny

For anyone considering cosmetic ear reduction for large or big ears - take a look at this patient testimonial describing his personal journey and experience with Dr. John Hilinski to get his new, smaller, designer ears.
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Types of Big Ears

Here is a great video that summarizes the various types of big ears commonly operated on by Dr. Hilinski. Big ears, also known by its medical name, macrotia, are incredibly common amongst the general population. Increasingly, Dr. Hilinski is building a larger and larger following of patients who are bothered by the fact their ears are simply too large in size. We are NOT talking about ears that stick out too far and need to... Continue Reading
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Pinning Effect of Ear Reduction

One question we often times get from patients with larger, more prominent ears is whether or not ear reduction surgery will help to pin the ear closer to the side of the head. Traditionally, the first thought for most plastic surgeons when they see a large, prominent ear is to consider pinning it back using classic otoplasty technique. If the only goal was to bring the ear in closer, then ear pinning would be a... Continue Reading
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Ears Made Smaller After Otoplasty

About 25% of the patients who seek out macrotia ear reduction surgery with Dr. Hilinski have a prior history of otoplasty, or ear pinning. Here is an illustrative case example of this. This very pleasant young lady underwent otoplasty surgery in Mexico several years ago. Unfortunately, despite the ear pinning procedure, she was still unhappy with the fact that her ears were too prominent for her tastes. That is because otoplasty certainly helps in pinning... Continue Reading
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Surgery to Reduce Ear Size?

Is there really a surgery out there to reduce the size of the ear? Yes, there is! Here is yet another great case example that visually demonstrates this type of surgery. This particular patient came to San Diego specifically to have Dr. Hilinski perform his famed macrotia ear reduction surgery on him. Ever since he was in his teens, he was bothered - like so many patients - by the fact that his ears were... Continue Reading
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Darwin’s Tubercle

Darwin's tubercle is a congenital ear deformity that results in an abnormal prominence, or thickening, along the helical rim. This is typically located at the junction of the middle and upper one-third of helical rim. The abnormality got its name from Charles Darwin who described this finding in his writings as evidence of evolutionary similarities among primates. The abnormal thickening along the helical rim then became more popularly known as Darwin's tubercle. In actuallity, there... Continue Reading

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