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Types of Big Ears

Here is a great video that summarizes the various types of big ears commonly operated on by Dr. Hilinski. Big ears, also known by its medical name, macrotia, are incredibly common amongst the general population. Increasingly, Dr. Hilinski is building a larger and larger following of patients who are bothered by the fact their ears are simply too large in size. We are NOT talking about ears that stick out too far and need to be pinned back – a procedure called otoplasty. We are, instead, referring to macrotia ear reduction surgery that actually makes a large ear smaller in size. In the process, the top part of the ear can appear to be pinned closer to the side of the head. But the main thrust of macrotia surgery is to make the ear smaller from top to bottom.

Over the years, it became rather clear that macrotia ear reduction patients could be classified by one of four types based on certain features that are present. These include the following types, which are shown more visually in the video below.

  1. An ear that is too big along the entire upper half of the ear
  2. An ear that is more vertically enlarged and appears too ‘tall’ from the oblique or side view. These ears also often times look almost too ‘skinny’ given the relative excess growth that makes the whole ear appear vertically stretched.
  3. An ear that is more enlarged in a posterior (and superior) direction, giving the appearance the top of the ear is simply too ‘wide’ looking. These ears almost appear as if they are going ‘back’ too far away from the face given the relative excess growth in that direction.
  4. Any one of the above types combined with an earlobe that appears excessively elongated. These ears are truly too big from top to bottom and require addressing the enlarged earlobe in order to make the ear more normal in size.

Big Ear Types

Big Ear Surgery

Do your ears look like any of these four examples shown? If so, you likely have macrotia and would benefit – like so many prior patients of Dr. Hilinski – from undergoing cosmetic ear reduction surgery to make them more normal in size and shape. Contact our office today to schedule your personalized consultation with one of the nation’s leading ear surgery specialists.

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