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San Diego Big Ear Correction

In an effort to help out all those patients with big ears, Dr. Hilinski is slowly making more and more progress toward a better understanding of ear pinning versus ear reduction surgery.

Ear Pinning or Otoplasty

Compilation1Ear pinning is also known as otoplasty. It is been around a long time and is probably the most well-known or popular cosmetic ear procedures. Otoplasty is intended to help patients whose ears stick out too far. They may describe their ears as being too big or too prominent. But the reality is that these ears stick out too far away from the head. That is why they look so prominent! In this particular situation, it is because the conchal bowl of the ear (the deep dish that surrounds the opening to the ear canal) is overly developed and/or the antihelix of the ear is missing a natural fold or ridge. Both of these anatomical problems (because of congenital reasons) will contribute to the ear sticking out too far. Consequently, when you look at someone with this condition from the front, their ears are the first things you might see.

The corrective surgery to help patients with prominent ears is ear pinning. During this cosmetic ear surgery, Dr. Hilinski will target the anatomical problem at hand – a large conchal bowl and/or a poorly formed antihelix fold – in an effort to move the ear closer to the side of the head. In doing so, the ears look less prominent from the frontal view (and angle view) – or more importantly, they look more normal in shape.

Ear Reduction

MacrotiaObliqueArrowsWhat ear pinning does not do is make an ear smaller in size. Otoplasty may ‘appear’ to make a big ear look smaller, but the actual size of the ear – from top to bottom and from front to back – is not really changed. The only thing that can make an ear smaller in size is Dr. Hilinski’s famed macrotia corrective ear surgery.

During this surgery, Dr. Hilinski will physically remove portions of the ear that make it too big in size. He then reattaches the ear in a manner so as to create a natural looking shape and size. Usually this involves reducing the top segment of the ear, but he also will perform ear lobe reduction at the same time in many cases. The end result is an ear that is truly smaller in size. Otoplasty, or ear pinning, simply won’t accomplish this same thing.

San Diego Ear Pinning

If you are bothered by ears that are simply too big or large ears that draw unwanted attention, don’t hesitate in calling the leading cosmetic ear surgeon today! As one of the world’s true cosmetic ear surgery experts, Dr. Hilinski can help you out like he has done for hundreds and hundreds of other patients.

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