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Smaller Ears 2 Weeks Out

Reduced Ear Size

Here is a fantastic photo comparison of how Dr. Hilinski – the world’s leading authority on making ears smaller – can make your ears smaller with results that are quite impressive just 2 weeks out from macrotia surgery.

This middle-aged female was quite bothered by the fact her ears were simply too large in size. Like so many macrotia (scapha reduction) patients, she liked to wear her hair long and down over her ears to hide the deformity. Imagine what it must be like having to constantly be mindful of your hair style just to hide your ears. If you look at the size of her ears with the hair pulled up, you can see they are disproportionately large for her facial features. The ears do not stick out too far from the side of her head. They are just too large in a vertical dimension.

She consulted with Dr. Hilinski because he is one of the few plastic surgeons in the nation who has dedicated experience in making ears smaller in size. We are not talking about otoplasty or ear pinning surgery. What we are talking about is reducing the overall size of the ear to make them actually smaller in size.

Dr. Hilinski ultimately performed her surgery using a technique that involves reduction of the ear by removal of excess skin and cartilage. This was done to target the upper one-third of the ear – called the scapha region. In addition, he performed earlobe reduction surgery concurrently in an attempt to create a smaller ear.

Ear Reduction Results

The amazing results of her ear reduction surgery are shown here. As you can readily see, her ear has been dramatically reduced in size – and now appears normal and proportional to her surrounding facial features.

If you look closely at the top of her ear – you can appreciate how the ear does not extend upward as much as it did. In addition, the curvature of the ear is much gentler after macrotia reduction. The bottom of the ear – or the earlobe – has also been reduced in size. Both of these maneuvers have contributed to the overall appearance of a much smaller ear.

Ear Reduction Consult

If you have ears that are too large in size and wish to have them made smaller – contact the best plastic surgeon performing this very niche procedure – San Diego’s Dr. John Hilinski. Our office performs surgery to make ears smaller on patients who are literally from all over the world – including Europe, Asia, and Australia. And that doesn’t touch on patients who have come to see Dr. Hilinski from all over the United States. If you are outside of the San Diego area and wish to have ears that are smaller in size, contact our office today to schedule an online, virtual consult with Dr. Hilinski. If he considers you a candidate to proceed with surgery, our office staff will be able to help you with all of the logistics involved with planning. We look forward to helping you have smaller ears!

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