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Ear Reduction 1 Month Out

Below is a great example of ear reduction healing just 1 month out from macrotia surgery. This patient has somewhat darker, more ethnic skin, which tends to take a bit longer in terms of healing. Despite this, even at 4 weeks out from getting her new, smaller ears she looks pretty darn good!

Changing the Curve of the Ear

One thing to look at in her case is how much change there has been to the outer curvature of her ear. You can see that prior to having her ears reduced in size, the outer border of the ear – called the helical rim – extended up and out too far. This is because her scapha was overdeveloped congenitally and made her ear look too big for her face/head. In combination with this, the helical rim was poorly formed in one region where it looked too thin. Following ear reduction surgery by Dr. Hilinski, the circumference of the ear has been nicely reduced – which includes a smaller overall surface area to the ear. In addition, the helical rim has a more gentle curvature to it, which makes the ear look more natural.

Dr. Hilinski made her some smaller ears by reducing the size of the scapha at the same time as recreating a more normal looking helical rim contour. The only real visible cut, or incision, is the one that crosses the helical rim. The rest of the incision is hidden along the natural shadows of the ear.

Is the patient publicly presentable at this point in the healing? Most certainly. In fact, most cosmetic ear reduction patients are comfortable in the public eye at about 10 days after their macrotia surgery. Although this scar can be seen at this point in the healing process, it will continue to mature and evolve to the point where it is quite difficult to see.

Is it possible to make the ears smaller in size without creating scars? Absolutely not. But as you can see here, the scars can be barely perceptible in most cases – and certainly very acceptable as a trade-off for having ears that are smaller in size with better shape.

New Life With Smaller Ears

This particular patient was quite ecstatic about her new smaller ears. She had researched the procedure for quite some time until she located Dr. Hilinski in San Diego and realized he has more experience with this type of cosmetic ear reduction surgery than anyone around. She finally found hope that she could ultimately walk around without feeling so self-conscious about having large ears. Fast forward one month into the healing process and you can see a totally different person in terms of her personality and demeanor. It is such an honor to be part of this type of transformation where giving someone new, smaller ears can have such a positive impact on their outlook in life. And she is not alone. We have so many macrotia surgery patients who have walked this same path – living with large ears for so long and not knowing there is a cosmetic procedure to correct this problem. Most of these patients are steered toward otoplasty, or traditional ear pinning surgery. Unfortunately, otoplasty will not help in achieving the goal of having smaller ears. Even more unfortunate is the fact that a good number of these macrotia patients will actually have ear pinning surgery performed – only to find out later that they still have enlarged ears that are too prominent.

Online Information About Smaller Ears

After more in-depth research, the fortunate ones discover Dr. Hilinski online and all of the helpful information he has posted about getting the ears made smaller in size. Not only does Dr. Hilinski provide a wealth of information for potential ear reduction patients, he also has the largest gallery of before and after photos showcasing his talents in making large ears smaller in size. To a great degree, that is why Dr. Hilinski created this website dedicated to helping patients who have larger ears along the journey of making the ears smaller in size. Dr. Hilinski has been performing surgery to create smaller ears for years and years now. In fact, he now has an international following of happy patients who have come to San Diego just to get their new smaller, designer ears from Dr. Hilinski. If you have ears that are just too large and are looking to have them made smaller, come to the world’s expert in macrotia ear reduction surgery!

Smaller Ear Surgery Scarring

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