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Amazing Experience Having Ear Size Reduced

Just another fantastic patient review on RealSelf for Dr. John Hilinski – one of the world’s leading cosmetic ear specialists.

Most patients looking to have their ears made smaller are challenged by the fact that so few plastic surgeons have experience with this niche procedure. Dr. Hilinski, in stark contrast, likely has more experience performing this surgery than any other plastic surgeon practicing in the United States. A testimony to this is the fact that so many of our patients fly into San Diego from other states and countries to get their new, designer ears.

My experience was absolutely amazing. I went to Dr Hilinski to get macrotia surgery and from the time I checked in with his staff to the end of the surgery was awesome. Dr. Hilinski did an amazing job, made me feel incredibly comfortable, and my results are everything I imagined and manifested. His staff was very professional and courteous. If you are considering any plastic surgery please check him out and highly recommend. I’m so happy that I know feel like my real self!!

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