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Cosmetic Ear Reduction Expert

Did you know that most of Dr. Hilinski's cosmetic ear reduction surgery patients travel long distance to get their ears made smaller in size? Although Dr. Hilinski certainly operates on patients in the greater San Diego area who have ears that are just too big in size, most of his clientele travel from out of state to get their new, smaller, designer ears made by him. Much of this has to do with the fact... Continue Reading
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Pinning Effect with Ear Reduction

One issue that commonly arises when consulting with macrotia ear reduction surgery patients is whether or not the ear will be brought in closer to the side of the head. In short, the answer is - yes. When I perform cosmetic ear reduction surgery to make an ear smaller from top to bottom, the top one 1/3 to 1/2 of the ear will usually be repositioned at the same time it is resized. This typically... Continue Reading
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Patient Testimonial by Manny

For anyone considering cosmetic ear reduction for large or big ears - take a look at this patient testimonial describing his personal journey and experience with Dr. John Hilinski to get his new, smaller, designer ears.
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Types of Big Ears

Here is a great video that summarizes the various types of big ears commonly operated on by Dr. Hilinski. Big ears, also known by its medical name, macrotia, are incredibly common amongst the general population. Increasingly, Dr. Hilinski is building a larger and larger following of patients who are bothered by the fact their ears are simply too large in size. We are NOT talking about ears that stick out too far and need to... Continue Reading

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