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Ear Reduction

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Ears Made Smaller After Otoplasty

About 25% of the patients who seek out macrotia ear reduction surgery with Dr. Hilinski have a prior history of otoplasty, or ear pinning. Here is an illustrative case example of this. This very pleasant young lady underwent otoplasty surgery in Mexico several years ago. Unfortunately, despite the ear pinning procedure, she was still unhappy with the fact that her ears were too prominent for her tastes. That is because otoplasty certainly helps in pinning... Continue Reading
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Surgery to Reduce Ear Size?

Is there really a surgery out there to reduce the size of the ear? Yes, there is! Here is yet another great case example that visually demonstrates this type of surgery. This particular patient came to San Diego specifically to have Dr. Hilinski perform his famed macrotia ear reduction surgery on him. Ever since he was in his teens, he was bothered - like so many patients - by the fact that his ears were... Continue Reading
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48 Hours After Ear Reduction

Here is another fantastic case example of ear reduction surgery for a large, macrotic ear. This young lady flew to California from Illinois to have Dr. Hilinski reduce the size of her ears. As you can see in this photo taken prior to macrotia surgery, she has a taller, larger ear than desired. Part of this was an overly developed scapha region near the top of the ear. But she also had an enlarged earlobe... Continue Reading
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Stahl’s Ear Deformity

The Stahl's ear deformity is an abnormal congenital problem that results in the top of the ear looking excessively pointy. Some people refer to the Stahl's ear as a vulcan ear deformity because these characters in the Star Trek series had pointy ears. Because of the pointed shape of the ear, many will also refer to the ear as looking elfish. The Stahl's ear occurs when the ear has an unwanted, extra fold or ridge... Continue Reading
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Elf Ear Correction

Here is another case of elf-like ears in a patient who came to Dr. Hilinski following prior otoplasty surgery performed by a different plastic surgeon. As you can see from his preoperative photo, the ears have an unusual peak at the top, mimicking an elf ear that looks too pointed. This was a result of an otoplasty surgeon creating such an abnormal contour. The patient simply wanted to have an ear that looked more natural... Continue Reading

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