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Antihelix Reshaping with Macrotia

Some patients who come to our office to have their ears made smaller in size also note other cosmetic issues they would like addressed. This is an example of just that - a patient who had very abnormally shaped ears. Believe it or not, her ears were congenitally misshapen - meaning, she was born like this. One of her main issues was the fact the top part of the ear (the scapha) was too large.... Continue Reading
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How Long Do I Have to Stay In Town?

So you finally discovered online that Dr. Hilinski is the world's authority when it comes to ear reduction for large, prominent ears. But you also realized that Dr. Hilinski practices out of the United States - and more specifically in southern California. And you don't live anywhere near there. But you have also come to the logical conclusion that you don't want anyone else performing your ear reduction surgery besides Dr. Hilinski - so you... Continue Reading
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Ear Reduction Anesthesia

So what type of anesthesia is needed for ear reduction surgery? If you research online, you will discover that many plastic surgeons will put patients under completely. Meaning, they will give you a general anesthetic to go fully asleep if you are having cosmetic ear reduction surgery performed. Unfortunately, in most cases of adult ear reduction surgery, this is considered overkill by our office. Dr. Hilinski has been performing ear reduction surgery in San Diego... Continue Reading
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RealSelf Testimonial

Happy patient, happy surgeon! We are so honored to be part of these patients' lives as they navigate the decision to undergo surgery to make their ears smaller in size. So many patients, maybe like yourself, are hesitant and full of worry. Will my new smaller ears look natural? Will the new size of my ear be appropriate and proportional? How will the scars look after macrotia surgery? Well it helps a ton to hear... Continue Reading
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Pointed Elf Ears

We have quite a few patients coming to our office stating they would like to have their pointed 'elf ears' reshaped and reduced in size. You might be asking - seriously? Pointed, elf ears? People refer to their ears as looking like this? Take it from us, they and/or others do indeed. Of course, this is an exaggerated description of their large ears. But, as you know, many patients have been bullied and belittled about... Continue Reading
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Photos of Ear Reduction

Want to see photos of people who had their ears reduced in size? This is one of the only websites online where you will find real photo examples of macrotia ear patients who underwent cosmetic surgery to get smaller ears. In fact, you will find a whole gallery of photos showing before and after macrotia ear reduction. For years, Dr. Hilinski has been the authority when it comes to surgery for patients who have excessively... Continue Reading
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Changes on Front View of Ear

Here is a great discussion of what ear reduction surgery does to the front appearance of the ear. This particular patient was bothered by the size of their ears. When you saw the ear from the front view, it wasn't really obvious that the ear was excessively large. However, when you began to turn the patient to the side and stopped at the oblique angle, you could start to appreciate how big the ear actually... Continue Reading
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African American Ear Reduction

Here is classic case example of Dr. Hilinski's designer ear reduction technique showing how an ear can be made smaller in size. This patient traveled across the country to have Dr. Hilinski perform ear reduction surgery on him. His main issue - like so many macrotia patients - was the fact the ear appeared too large. This was particularly true along the upper one-third of the ear where the scapha was enlarged. The scapha is... Continue Reading
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Ear Reduction 1 Month Out

Below is a great example of ear reduction healing just 1 month out from macrotia surgery. This patient has somewhat darker, more ethnic skin, which tends to take a bit longer in terms of healing. Despite this, even at 4 weeks out from getting her new, smaller ears she looks pretty darn good! Changing the Curve of the Ear One thing to look at in her case is how much change there has been to... Continue Reading

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