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Smaller Ears

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Cosmetic Ear Reduction Expert

Did you know that most of Dr. Hilinski's cosmetic ear reduction surgery patients travel long distance to get their ears made smaller in size? Although Dr. Hilinski certainly operates on patients in the greater San Diego area who have ears that are just too big in size, most of his clientele travel from out of state to get their new, smaller, designer ears made by him. Much of this has to do with the fact... Continue Reading
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Darwin’s Tubercle

Darwin's tubercle is a congenital ear deformity that results in an abnormal prominence, or thickening, along the helical rim. This is typically located at the junction of the middle and upper one-third of helical rim. The abnormality got its name from Charles Darwin who described this finding in his writings as evidence of evolutionary similarities among primates. The abnormal thickening along the helical rim then became more popularly known as Darwin's tubercle. In actually, there... Continue Reading
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Ear Reduction Expert Testimonial

These type of amazing testimonials never get old for Dr. Hilinski! Below is feedback we just received from a recent patient who came to San Diego just to have ear reduction surgery with one of America's only plastic surgeons who has true experience in making someone's ears smaller in size. As a true expert in ear reduction surgery, Dr. Hilinski has people fly to California from all over the world to get their new, smaller,... Continue Reading
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Amazing Experience Having Ear Size Reduced

Just another fantastic patient review on RealSelf for Dr. John Hilinski - one of the world's leading cosmetic ear specialists. Most patients looking to have their ears made smaller are challenged by the fact that so few plastic surgeons have experience with this niche procedure. Dr. Hilinski, in stark contrast, likely has more experience performing this surgery than any other plastic surgeon practicing in the United States. A testimony to this is the fact that... Continue Reading
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Ear Reduction Changed My Life

These patient testimonials never get old! Here is another one from a patient who flew to San Diego to have her ears made smaller in size by world-renowned designer ear expert, Dr. John Hilinski. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since you performed my ear reduction surgery. I wanted to share with you how happy and thankful I am. This procedure changed my life! You’re not only a doctor, but also an artist.... Continue Reading
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Smaller Designer Ears

Are you looking to have smaller, designer ears? Are your ears simply too large for your face? Are your ears over developed with an abnormal shape? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you need to see Dr. John Hilinski - a world renowned expert in making large ears smaller in size. Dr. Hilinski has developed an international reputation online as one of only a handful of plastic surgeons who have dedicated experience... Continue Reading
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Antihelix Reshaping with Macrotia

Some patients who come to our office to have their ears made smaller in size also note other cosmetic issues they would like addressed. This is an example of just that - a patient who had very abnormally shaped ears. Believe it or not, her ears were congenitally misshapen - meaning, she was born like this. One of her main issues was the fact the top part of the ear (the scapha) was too large.... Continue Reading
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How Long Do I Have to Stay In Town?

So you finally discovered online that Dr. Hilinski is the world's authority when it comes to ear reduction for large, prominent ears. But you also realized that Dr. Hilinski practices out of the United States - and more specifically in southern California. And you don't live anywhere near there. But you have also come to the logical conclusion that you don't want anyone else performing your ear reduction surgery besides Dr. Hilinski - so you... Continue Reading
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Ear Reduction Anesthesia

So what type of anesthesia is needed for ear reduction surgery? If you research online, you will discover that many plastic surgeons will put patients under completely. Meaning, they will give you a general anesthetic to go fully asleep if you are having cosmetic ear reduction surgery performed. Unfortunately, in most cases of adult ear reduction surgery, this is considered overkill by our office. Dr. Hilinski has been performing ear reduction surgery in San Diego... Continue Reading
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RealSelf Testimonial

Happy patient, happy surgeon! We are so honored to be part of these patients' lives as they navigate the decision to undergo surgery to make their ears smaller in size. So many patients, maybe like yourself, are hesitant and full of worry. Will my new smaller ears look natural? Will the new size of my ear be appropriate and proportional? How will the scars look after macrotia surgery? Well it helps a ton to hear... Continue Reading

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