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Elf Ear Correction

Here is another case of elf-like ears in a patient who came to Dr. Hilinski following prior otoplasty surgery performed by a different plastic surgeon.

As you can see from his preoperative photo, the ears have an unusual peak at the top, mimicking an elf ear that looks too pointed. This was a result of an otoplasty surgeon creating such an abnormal contour. The patient simply wanted to have an ear that looked more natural and normal.

He sought out Dr. Hilinski online because of his reputation for being one of the world’s leading cosmetic ear specialists when it comes to making ears smaller in size. The patient knew he didn’t need more otoplasty, or ear pinning. That simply wouldn’t have accomplished the goal.

Dr. Hilinski recommended actual ear reduction surgery where a portion of the ear was to be removed and reattached to create the desired curvature and contour. That is precisely what Dr. Hilinski ended up performing on his ears. The segment of the ear causing the elf appearance was trimmed down. The helical rim was then reconstructed to restore a proper curvature.

His results are shown here below where you can see very readily that he has a vast improvement in the shape and size of his ear. The new, designer ear is now smaller and more shapely with a helical rim contour that has the desired, gentle curve.

If you have ears that resemble the pointed appearance of an elf ear and desire a cosmetic ear expert to help correct your issue, don’t hesitate in contacting the office of Dr. Hilinski today!

Elf Ear Correction

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