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Did you know that many of Dr. Hilinski’s macrotia patients fly to San Diego to have their surgery done? Because he is one of the few plastic surgeons in the United States offering ear reduction surgery – with the experience of performing ear reduction for years now – many patients discover him after doing research online.

Most of these patients opt to have a virtual consultation with Dr. Hilinski to first determine if they are a candidate to have their ears made smaller. Once this has been decided with a level of certainty, patients then make arrangements to fly to San Diego for their operation. Usually patients will fly in the day before their scheduled surgery so that they can meet with Dr. Hilinski in person. An examination is conducted to firm up specific surgical recommendations in terms of how the ears will be made smaller. The macrotia scapha reduction surgery is typically performed the following day in our accredited ambulatory surgery center here on the premises.

If you happen to live outside of San Diego – and even California – and are interested in making your ears smaller in size, contact our office today to discuss your options for flying in to town to have Dr. Hilinski perform your surgery.

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