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How Long Do I Have to Stay In Town?

So you finally discovered online that Dr. Hilinski is the world’s authority when it comes to ear reduction for large, prominent ears. But you also realized that Dr. Hilinski practices out of the United States – and more specifically in southern California. And you don’t live anywhere near there. But you have also come to the logical conclusion that you don’t want anyone else performing your ear reduction surgery besides Dr. Hilinski – so you are going to make the trek to San Diego, CA to have your ears reduced in size. It may be comforting to know that you are certainly not alone. Dr. Hilinski has had quite a number of patients fly into California to have plastic surgery performed by him. Yes, there are logistical concerns that need to be minded when flying somewhere to have cosmetic surgery. But it can and has been done.

We typically recommend that macrotia ear reduction patients stay in town here for at least three (3) days after their surgery. For that period of time, you will have a dressing around the ears that helps to keep them stable. After three days, Dr. Hilinski will usually take the dressing off during the office visit. The ears will then be carefully cleaned and ointment will be applied. A wound care regimen will be reviewed with you so that optimal healing can take place in the early part of your recovery. But, in a majority of cases, you don’t need to wear anymore bandages after that point.

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