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Photos of Ear Reduction

Want to see photos of people who had their ears reduced in size? This is one of the only websites online where you will find real photo examples of macrotia ear patients who underwent cosmetic surgery to get smaller ears. In fact, you will find a whole gallery of photos showing before and after macrotia ear reduction.

For years, Dr. Hilinski has been the authority when it comes to surgery for patients who have excessively large ears. Although he also performs ear pinning, or otoplasty, on a regular basis, he is one of the best plastic surgeons in the world for creating smaller ears.

Many patients don’t even realize what the problem is when they stare at their large ears. They just know they don’t like having ears that are so prominent. In some cases, traditional otoplasty may help in pinning the ears closer to the head. But in many cases, these patients need to have the surface area of the ear made smaller to create ears that are more proportional in size. This requires Dr. Hilinski’s surgical expertise in making designer ears – ears that are smaller in size with more favorable curvature along the top half. In a subset of these patients, the earlobes should also be made smaller in size to contribute to the whole ear looking small. Fortunately, these patients (like you!) are able to research online and locate our website that is dedicated to disseminating information about getting large ears made smaller.

As is the case with so many other plastic surgery procedures, photo examples of a surgeon’s work is important for patients to see a bonafide track record of creating consistently good cosmetic results. That is also why Dr. Hilinski made this website – to show prospective patients that they too can have their ears made smaller in size while achieving a natural looking ear. Toward this end, Dr. Hilinski can show you his actual work in the form of before and after photos of patients with large ears that he has operated on. And he doesn’t just have one or two photo examples of making ears smaller. As you can see, he has many different patient examples to show you. This includes a number of African American patients with large ears that he reduced in size.

Dr. Hilinski’s macrotia photo gallery is actually broken down into two different sections based on what was done to the ear to make it smaller. One gallery shows patients who just had the scapha of the ear made smaller. The other one shows patients who had the scapha made smaller in combination with getting a smaller earlobe. In this latter macrotia photo gallery, the size of the ear has been reduced from top to bottom – giving somewhat more dramatic improvement for patients struggling with ears that are too large in size.

Take a look for yourself at the galleries of ears and let us know if you have any questions or concerns about getting your ears made smaller in size by designer ear specialist, Dr. John Hilinski.


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