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Smaller Designer Ears

Are you looking to have smaller, designer ears? Are your ears simply too large for your face? Are your ears over developed with an abnormal shape? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you need to see Dr. John Hilinski – a world renowned expert in making large ears smaller in size.

Dr. Hilinski has developed an international reputation online as one of only a handful of plastic surgeons who have dedicated experience and knowledge in making excessively large ears smaller in size. In fact, go ahead and research on Google for yourself, and you will very quickly discover that Dr. Hilinski has the largest gallery of before and after photos that show actual patients who had their larger ears made smaller in size.

Expert in Making Smaller Ears

If you find a plastic surgeon online who says they are a specialist in macrotia ear reduction surgery, you would think that an ‘expert’ would have many examples to show you how they reduce the size of someone’s ears, right? The reality is that some of these websites that come up in a Google search for macrotia ear reduction surgery are more focused on otoplasty surgery, or ear pinning. And of those websites that really do offer cosmetic ear reduction surgery, you will be hard-pressed to see more than one example of a large ear being made small in size. So why is that if these plastic surgeons are ‘experts’ in making small ears? Good question to ask yourself!

In contrast to these other offices, Dr. Hilinski’s website(s) actually contain a library of photo examples showing precisely how he can take a large, excessively sized ear and make it a smaller, designer ear. In fact, he has a growing gallery of before and after photos showing you his true expertise and experience in performing macrotia surgery on a very regular basis. And how can he show you so many examples of ear reduction surgery? That is because he does the surgery so often! It is simple as that. The number of cases a plastic surgeon can show you in their gallery of before and after photos is typically commensurate with the volume of those cases being performed regularly. It just make sense, right? So before you decide on a surgeon to make your large ears smaller in size, make an effort to see results of patients who had the surgery performed by that doctor.

Macrotia Specialist

Dr. Hilinski has established himself as a bonafide macrotia specialist with years of dedicated experience in creating smaller, more beautiful, designer ears. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Between our website, which is exclusively focused on making smaller ears, and our main practice website that has a section dedicated to scapha reduction surgery, we have some of the most detailed information you will find online about designer ear surgery. There is no need to look any further – contact our office today to see why so many patients fly into San Diego from literally around the world to get their new, smaller ears by Dr. Hilinski.

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