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Ears Made Smaller!

This is a great case we just completed this week showing a fairly significant reduction in the size of this female patient’s ears. This lady was really bothered by the fact that her ears were simply to large for her facial proportions. You can see this for yourself in the adjacent preoperative photograph. Her ear does not necessarily stick out excessively – which is why she would not benefit greatly from otoplasty, or ear pinning surgery. Her issue is that the ear is simply too large from top to bottom. As such, her larger ears draw unwanted attention to them – making her feel self-conscious.

Ultimately, she found Dr. Hilinski who recommended scapha reduction for her macrotia. He also recommended performing earlobe reduction at the same time in an effort to reduce the overall size of her ears. Dr. Hilinski did NOT recommend ear pinning, or classic otoplasty surgery, as this would not have accomplished the goal of making the ears smaller in size.

Shown here are the immediate surgical results after Dr. Hilinski reduced her scapha region (the top 1/3 of the ear) and earlobes. Her right ear was nearly 70 mm (7 cm) in height prior to the surgery. Afterward, her ear was approximately 55 mm (5.5 cm) in height – a reduction in ear size of nearly 15 mm (1.5 cm). That equates to a 21% reduction in the overall size of her ear!

If you have large ears that make you feel uncomfortable – and you are looking to make your ears smaller in size, contact Dr. Hilinski today – an authority and world-renowned expert in ear reduction surgery.

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