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Amazing Ear Reduction

Take a look at this amazing transformation this young lady underwent. She complained of having ears that were too large for her face. But it wasn't an issue of ear pinning, or classic otoplasty. It was that her ears were too large in size from top to bottom. Dr. Hilinski performed his famous macrotia surgery on her to provide her with ears that are now just the right size!
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Fly to San Diego

Did you know that many of Dr. Hilinski's macrotia patients fly to San Diego to have their surgery done? Because he is one of the few plastic surgeons in the United States offering ear reduction surgery - with the experience of performing ear reduction for years now - many patients discover him after doing research online. Most of these patients opt to have a virtual consultation with Dr. Hilinski to first determine if they are... Continue Reading
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Phenomenal Transformation

This is a recent patient example that shows a phenomenal transformation as a result of macrotia ear reduction combined with earlobe reduction surgery. This young lady from San Diego desired to have her ears made less prominent. So many patients do their preliminary research and hone in on ear pinning (otoplasty) as the procedure they need to have done. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cosmetic ear surgery patients with large ears who won't benefit... Continue Reading
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Smaller Ears 2 Weeks Out

Reduced Ear Size Here is a fantastic photo comparison of how Dr. Hilinski - the world's leading authority on making ears smaller - can make your ears smaller with results that are quite impressive just 2 weeks out from macrotia surgery. This middle-aged female was quite bothered by the fact her ears were simply too large in size. Like so many macrotia (scapha reduction) patients, she liked to wear her hair long and down over... Continue Reading
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Immediate Reduction in Size of Ear

ThisĀ is a great example of what an ear looks like at the end of macrotia ear surgery. There is obviously some degree of immediate surgical swelling and tissue distortion. But, overall, you can see more specifically how the upper portion of his ear has been reduced in size. The helical rim, in particular, is now much closer to the antihelix ridge. This is a direct reflection of the fact the scapha portion of the ear... Continue Reading
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Otoplasty and Older Patients?

As a plastic surgeon who happens to perform a ton of cosmetic ear surgery - like otoplasty and macrotia ear reduction - Dr. Hilinski will occasionally see a patient who is older than the average. Many people ask - why would someone, for example, in their 70s seek out plastic surgery to make their ears look less prominent? Well, sometimes the answer has to do with the fact that many patients in this age range... Continue Reading
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Ears Made Smaller!

This is a great case we just completed this week showing a fairly significant reduction in the size of this female patient's ears. This lady was really bothered by the fact that her ears were simply to large for her facial proportions. You can see this for yourself in the adjacent preoperative photograph. Her ear does not necessarily stick out excessively - which is why she would not benefit greatly from otoplasty, or ear pinning... Continue Reading
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Cosmetic Ear Reduction Testimonial

Hearing this type of testimonial from our prior macrotia patients never gets old! This is some feedback we recently received through where patients often times go to do research regarding a plastic surgery procedure they are interested in undergoing - like cosmetic ear reduction surgery. Dr. Hilinski is a godsend. He fixed the macrotia on my ears where other doctors failed. I was suggested many different procedures by other plastic surgeons but they didn't... Continue Reading
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Ear Reduction Immediate Results

So what does an ear look like immediately after it has been reduced in size as a result of macrotia scapha reduction surgery? I have included this case example to show you precisely what an ear looks like on the actual operating room table. This very pleasant gentleman flew to San Diego to have his ears cosmetically reshaped. Although some ear pinning was planned, a great majority of his issue with the ear had to... Continue Reading
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Costs of Ear Reduction Surgery

The costs of ear reduction surgery, or macrotia surgery, can be considerably higher than otoplasty ear pinning. One of the reasons for the higher costs is based on the fact that scapha ear reduction surgery is not performed nearly as commonly as traditional otoplasty ear pinning surgery. In addition, the surgery can often times be much more complex than traditional ear pinning surgery. Furthermore, there just aren't that many plastic surgeons out there performing scapha... Continue Reading

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